High Power Wireless-N 600mW Smart Repeater

Scan for Network

To set up your High Power Smart Repeater you will need to first scan for an available Wi-Fi network "Home / Office Network" to connect to and redistribute within your "Extended Network."

Scan for a Wireless Network to Repeat
It is recommended that you connect to a wireless network with greater than 70% signal strength.
Connecting to a network with poor signal strength may cause the connection to be unstable.

Select your network and click Next.




Helpful Tips:

70% or Greater Signal
The wireless network you connect to should have a signal strength of 70% or greater.

If the wireless network has a signal strength below 70% it is strongly recommended that you move the repeater closer to the home/office router so it obtains a stronger signal.

Connecting to networks with a signal strength below 70% may cause your wireless speed to be slow or your connection to be unstable.

If it is not possible to place the repeater closer to the home/office router, the repeater has upgradable antennas that can be replaced with high gain antennas for more range and performance.

Hidden Networks
To connect to a hidden (unbroadcasted) SSID, go to the Wireless Settings Menu and select Home Network. Enter your network name and channel number manually and set the security settings manually from the Security menu.

High Power Wireless-N 600mW Smart Repeater

Security Settings (if necessary)

If the Wi-Fi network (Home Network) that you are trying to connect to has security enabled, then enter the security key below. If your Home Network does not have security, leave this field blank and click Next.

Home Network Security Key:

Leave blank for networks without security



This page is for entering the wireless encryption key for your home or office wireless router.

If you do not know your home network's wireless security key, please check with your network administrator.

The Home Network Security Key is the key that you use when connecting wirelessly to your home or office router.

For Windows 7 computers, this key can be found by following these steps:
1) Click on the wireless icon on the bottom right of corner of your desktop
2) Find your home wireless network from the list of available networks.
3) Right click the name of your home network and click "Properties."
4) When the Network Properties appear, click "Show Characters" and your Network security key will appear in the field above.

Setup Wizard

The setup wizard will guide you to configure access point for first time. Please follow the setup wizard step by step.

Welcome to Setup Wizard.

The Wizard will guide you the through following steps. Begin by clicking on Next.
  1. Setup LAN Interface
  2. Wireless LAN Setting
  3. Wireless Security Setting

1. LAN Interface Setup

This page is used to configure the parameters for local area network which connects to the LAN port of your Access Point. Here you may change the setting for IP addresss, subnet mask, DHCP, etc..

IP Address:
Subnet Mask: