High Power Wireless-N 600mW Smart Repeater

Welcome to the Smart Setup Wizard

The Amped Wireless High Power Smart Repeater extends your wireless coverage by repeating the signal from your home or office wireless network (Home Network). The Smart Setup Wizard will guide you through the simple setup of your High Power Smart Repeater. Click Next to continue!

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Welcome to the
Smart Setup Wizard.

This column will provide helpful tips for each page of the web menu and setup process.

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If you've already configured the High Power Smart Repeater, your repeater may have lost connection with the home network. This can happen for several reasons:

a) The signal strength for the connection between the repeater and your home router is too low. Move the repeater closer so that the signal strength is greater than 70%. Run through the wizard again to reconnect.

b) The settings for your home router may have changed (i.e. the channel changed due to a power outage). Run through the wizard again to reconnect. To prevent this issue from reoccurring, set up a static wireless channel on your home router.

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